Contribute to Kornia

Everyone is welcomed to get involved with the project. There are different ways in how you can put your two cents:

  1. Ask/Answer questions in the #kornia PyTorch Slack channel:

    • We suggest you to join the channel in order to get more involved to the PyTorch ecosystem.

    • Send an email to in order to get access.

    • Please, don’t use GitHub issues for Q&A.

  2. Report bugs through GitHub issues:

    • Do a quick search first to see whether others reported a similar issue.

    • In case you find an unreported bug, please open a new ticket.

    • Try to provide as much information as possible.

  3. Fix a bug or develop a feature from the roadmap:

    • We will always have an open ticket showing the current roadmap.

    • Pick an unassigned feature (or potentially propose new one) or an open bug ticket.

    • Follow the instructions from Developing Kornia in order to setup your development environment and start coding.

    • Checkout our coding conventions. See more details below.

    • Run the test framework locally and make sure all works as expected before sending a pull request.

    • Open a Pull Request, get the green light from the CI and get your code merged.

  4. Donate resources to the project.

For more information about our development process, see our Developers corner.

Happy coding !