Source code for kornia.geometry.warp.depth_warper

from typing import Union

import torch
import warnings

from kornia.geometry.depth import (
    DepthWarper as _DepthWarper,
    depth_warp as _depth_warp
from import (
    PinholeCamera, cam2pixel, pixel2cam

__all__ = [

[docs]class DepthWarper(_DepthWarper): __doc__ = _DepthWarper.__doc__ def __init__(self, pinhole_dst: PinholeCamera, height: int, width: int, mode: str = 'bilinear', padding_mode: str = 'zeros', align_corners: bool = True): super(DepthWarper, self).__init__( pinhole_dst=pinhole_dst, height=height, width=width, mode=mode, padding_mode=padding_mode, align_corners=align_corners) warnings.warn( "`DepthWarper` is deprecated and will be removed > 0.6.0. " "Please use `kornia.geometry.DepthWarper instead.`", DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
[docs]def depth_warp(pinhole_dst: PinholeCamera, pinhole_src: PinholeCamera, depth_src: torch.Tensor, patch_dst: torch.Tensor, height: int, width: int, align_corners: bool = True): __doc__ = _depth_warp.__doc__ warnings.warn( "`depth_warp` is deprecated and will be removed > 0.6.0. Please use `kornia.geometry.depth_warp instead.`", DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2) return _depth_warp(pinhole_dst, pinhole_src, depth_src, patch_dst, height, width, align_corners)